Zuzanna – Black protest – Poland

“The PiS government has pushed the country in a very conservative direction. In 2016 they wanted to completely outlaw abortion. Thankfully this created a huge mass demonstration, I have never seen such a powerful feminist initiative in Poland in my life. Black Protest it was called and 80.000 people went to the streets protesting, all dressed in black. It was amazing. I remember seeing women dressed in black everywhere on the streets and in the metro on my way to the protest that day… Today you can only have an abortion if you were raped, if the woman’s life or health is in serious danger or if the fetus is irreparably damaged. And the PiS government even call this law a compromise!” We spent the day with Zuzanna who told us about the current situation in Poland. It seems like crucial times here.

We have an amazing line up of meetings and events to go to here in Warsaw and we can’t wait to share the best parts with you.

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