Here is a serious of films that serves as examples of the films we do when we travel.

Dimitris on Lesvos

In 2015 more than one million refugees came to Europe. Around half of them – 500.000 – came to Europe via the Greek island of Lesvos. Dimitris from Athens went to Lesvos to help the many refugees and we followed him during some days in an attempt to understand the situation on Lesvos and also to understand what drives Dimitris to work there as a volunteer.

The youth revolt form the far right

In the autumn of 2015 we visited Jean David from the youth movement Génération Identitaire in Nice. We spoke to Jean David about how Génération Identitaire creates change in France. The movement has more than 2000 paying members and far more supporters. They are known for their anti-migration actions and opinions. We met with Jean David to understand the movement and how they manage to make change in France.

Art should create social imagination – New World Summit

In 2012 the young Dutch artist Jonas Staal founded New World Summit which is an alternative parliament and summit for organisations that stand on the limit of and outside democracy. The thirds summit was held in 2014 in Rojava in the north eastern Syria. Few days after Jonas Staal’s arrival back from the summit in Rojava we met him to hear about the New World Summit and about how art can be a tool for revolution.

Podemos wants to change Spain

The 15th May 2011 a new protest movement started in Spain, M15 or Los Indignados. They were protesting against the handling of the economic crisis by EU and the Spanish government that led to massive cuts on welfare, privatizations and rising unemployment. Podemos is a new party in Spain and was born out of the protest movement. In the autumn of 2015 we met with to activists from Podemos to talk about what the party stands for and what the future look like.