Europe’s Future

– Perspectives from 6 years on the road in Europe

In our lecture we answer the question; which Europe is electing a new European Parliament in May 2019? We will tell stories, show videos and photos from the Europe we have experienced on our journeys since 2013. In March 2019 we have just finished a four month journey where we have once again listened to European voices, opinions and stories in order to get an understanding of the predominant European tendencies and challenges. On the journey we visit Estonia and other countries that have Russia as a neighbour, we visit Macron’s changing France, the authoritarian Hungary, Ukraine in eruption, and Greece, Italy and Spain where unemployment and the migration issue is still challenging.

We guarantee an enthusiastic and inspiring lecture where we combine stories from the road with political analysis in an engaging and informing way. During the lecture we will invite the audience to reflect upon their opinion on European problems, for example the relation to Russia, unemployment, populism, environmental policies and the condition and future of the European Union.

We can moderate our lecture so it suits you. As an example it is also an option to do a presentation specifically about migration, the young Europeans or activism in Europe.

Since 2014 we have held hundreds of lectures, workshops and debates about European affairs. Our lectures fits all age groups but especially age group 15 to 35 since this is the age group that we mostly meet with, follow and interview on our journeys.

In our lecture we always include the audience in reflections, discussions an Q&A sessions. We are experienced lecturers that are always energetic and know how to read the level and the approach to a specific audience.

The prize for a lecture depends on length, form and audience.
Write us about you event and we will find a good prize.

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