5 Concerns for the Youth

This film series is about the five topics that young Europeans are most concerned about. Climate, economy, migration, identity and EU’s role in the world.

In Athens we talked to Lino from Cameroon about migration. In an off grid Spanish village we sat down with Agnes and talked about how young people and EU can take action on the climate issue. In Paris we talked to the patriot Édouard and Sicilian Federica about culture and identity. In the film about economy we talk to two young Europeans under different kinds of pressure, Estevi from Greece and Marthe-Sofie from Norway. Finally we talk to the young EU expert, Stephan in Brussels, about EU’s role in the world.


In Athens we sat down and talked to Lino who fled from Cameroon. Migration is a major issue for EU and for the record high amount of people who are fleeing war, persecution and climate change. The challenges posed by migration are many and with the doubling of Africa’s population before 2050 it’s not a challenge that is going to disappear in the near future.

What is EU’s responsibility? Is it okay to close the borders and let the tragedies unfold in Libya and other regions? Lino from Cameroon thinks that the West has a responsibility to help but also a responsibility for the reasons why so many are fleeing for example by supporting dictators.


Climate change is a radical challenge calling for radical solutions. A group of young Europeans decided to get radical and to take action on the sustainability issue. So they joined the off-grid village and sustainability community, Sunseed, in Southern Spain. Agnes, who left her well-paid job in Poland, believes in the power of grassroots action and popular movements. We sat down in the gardens of Sunseed to talk to Agnes about how young people and EU can take action on the climate issue.

Youth under pressure – economy

Young people in Southern Europe are struggling with youth unemployment but are also experiencing an awakening to being critically engaged politically while culturally turning from individualistic values to those of more social character. Estevi is unemployed in the Greek society still marked by economic crisis, but she also sees some positive things in the situation.

Young people in Northern Europe have many opportunities and because of social mobility they can end up getting an independent and wealthy life if they work hard and choose what is best for them. But as Marthe-Sofie from Norway explains it can be difficult to live under the pressure and effectiveness of the modern Northern society.

Culture and Identity

Who are you? Who am I? In which culture do you belong? With nationalism on the rise the question about identity is a hot topic.  In Paris we talked to the patriot Édouard who is critical towards the consequences that globalisation and migration has for the national culture and identity. We also talked to Federica who lives in Paris, but is originally from Italy. She embraces the chaotic, multicultural society with love and curiousity.

This film raises the question of what national and European culture and identity is and what it should be.

EU’s role in the world

Is EU the idealist exception on the world stage? The Union that promotes peace, human rights, democracy and rule of law? Or is EU just trying to get as much as it can for itself like the rest of the world? This film raises the old question of idealism versus realism in a 21st century setting.

The young EU expert, Stephan Klose, who is doing his Ph.D. in Brussels, takes us around the world and explains EU’s relation to different regions. China is growing stronger, Russia is while the relation to the US is growing colder.